How I’m using social media to build real friendships

How I'm using social media to build real friendships

I’ve talked before about how moving is hard and making friends takes time. Whether you’ve lived somewhere for a long time or you’re new in an area, forging new social connections can be scary, complicated and totally daunting. I know a lot of you appreciated my advice on how to grow meaningful connections, so I thought I’d share a little about how I’m using social media to build real friendships. Like, actual burgeoning connections and stuff.

To be honest, before we left for the States, I wasn’t the biggest fan of Facebook. It was just so cluttered with crap, and most of my day to day friends weren’t on there much. I preferred twitter, and I still do, for news, silly interactions and fun quips. I was trying to get into Instagram, and it’s still something I’m trying to do more of, but it just feels like a serious time sink for me. It feels like you have to be on Instagram ALL THE TIME to actually see anything worthwhile. But my social media game changed a lot by moving. Continue Reading

WTF is Prime Day and How Can You Benefit From It?

WTF is Prime Day and How Can You Benefit From It?

So, you may or may not have noticed that I’m an Amazon Affiliate. Basically, that means that I sometimes post links to stuff on Amazon, and if you click them and buy the stuff I recommend, I get some money. Mostly, I suck at this. Like, I really suck at this. Some of you will click my links, but you usually don’t buy things. That’s okay, though, I don’t mind – I blog because I want to share this journey, not because I’m looking to get rich from your Amazon purchases.

Anyway, I got an email from Amazon recently, telling me that I should start punting Prime Day, complete with all kinds of cool links to share with you guys. But I had no idea what Prime Day was, so why would I tell you all about it? I went and did my homework, though, and now I can tell you what is Prime Day, and why you should care.

(Disclaimer: Yes, there are affiliate links below as the copy makes clear. If you click them and buy stuff, I could get money for it.) Continue Reading

Mixed Emotions on the 4th of July

Mixed Emotions on the 4th of July

(Image credit: Photo by Cory G on Reshot)

This was our first 4th of July since moving to the States, and my first one on US soil in about 10 years. I’ve got to say, I had some mixed emotions on the 4th of July, and I wasn’t the only one. When I was growing up, we weren’t big on 4th of July celebrations, but it did take on some significance being overseas.

In Holland and then in South Africa, I was one of only a handful of Americans in social circles. As a result, I was the one who had to mark the occasion. It also meant that I was something of the arbiter of truth for all things American – a bit odd, but still fun. Continue Reading

Florence – This Mobile Game Rekindled Something in My Soul

Florence - This Mobile Game Rekindled Something in My Soul

In many ways, I feel very out of touch with the latest developments in gaming and tech. I know, I’m a bad geek/gamer. But life is too busy to read that same daily gaming news that I used to write myself. I do listen to a friend’s podcast, though – as I mentioned recently – which is how I heard about Florence.

Matty raved about it on the podcast a while back, and then Sandy tweeted about how great it was while traveling back from E3. For a couple bucks, I figured it was worth a shot. And now I want to add my voice to those raving about it, especially if you care about love, art, or things that set your soul on fire.

(Disclaimer: Yes, I’ve used affiliate links in this post so that I might benefit if you click on them to download the game, but the editorial content is the same as it would be otherwise.) Continue Reading

A year ago on Born Geek – Looking back on June 2017

A year ago on Born Geek

(Photo credit: LeeAnn Stromyer with LeeAnn K Photography // @Leeann_K_Photography)

It’s been quite a month. There’s so much I’ve wanted to write about, and so little time in the day. I’ve been having some cool thoughts about blogs I want to write, and then I keep thinking that I’ve already written them. While this isn’t always the case, I did think it was worth looking back to a year ago on Born Geek. So much of what’s happening now is mirrored there.

Also, how are some of these posts a year old?! Some of them feel like just yesterday. Just so hard to believe how fast the time is going. I’m trying to enjoy every minute, live in the moment and all that. But then again, when bedtime takes hours, sometimes I totally fail to enjoy every moment and instead count down the seconds until I can breathe. Continue Reading