Show and Share – A-Z Items for your kid to bring

Show and Share A-Z Items

(Photo credit: Sarah Hoag with Sarah Hoag Photography // @SarahHoagPhotography)

I love Harley’s preschool. She’s only two, but she’s learning so much there, and it’s fantastic. It’s way more than babysitting, it’s a real school environment with circle time, friends and socialization and all that other good stuff. Of course, it also means that we get put on the spot to bring things into class for show and share now, and they are currently working their way through the alphabet.

We had a bit of a scramble when I got the message. What could we send in that starts with an A? An apple – I didn’t have one in the house! My mom and I sent each other a series of hilarious messages including asbestos, anesthesia and aluminum foil. She finally came up with a winning suggestion, but I realized that I need to start thinking my way through the whole alphabet now and setting things aside that Harley can bring in for show and share (when did it stop being called show and tell??) for the next 25 weeks.¬† So, in case you’re going through something similar, here’re some ideas for each letter of the alphabet. Also, I mention some animals in my list below – I refer to stuffed toys or figurines or whatnot, not actually expecting your kid to bring an alligator or car to school. Continue Reading

5 Things I learned from a photoshoot with my 2-year-old

5 Things I learned from a photoshoot with my 2-year-old

(Photo Credit: Lara Salvo with Vienna Hayden // @ViennaHayden)

I have been determined to get on my feet here in Arizona. In some ways, that’s meant setting up our home here, but in other ways, it’s been about getting our life going. Making friends is a process, much like reestablishing my blog here. It’s all about growing your tribe, finding people who are likeminded and slowly building a kinship. Which is why I was so excited to get accepted to the #CatchMeAtLuxe event which promised to bring bloggers and photographers together. But could I survive a photoshoot with my 2-year-old?

Harley is awesome and smart and hilarious, but she’s also still a toddler. I was terrified that she would be completely uncooperative and just say no the whole time. I was so worried that it would be more stress than it was worth. Then there was the thing where I was terrified that I’d look fat beyond belief. Oh, and do I even need to mention the fact that all the other moms attending the event had WAY bigger Instagram followings than me? Cue all the imposter syndrome as well. But actually, it was a wonderful experience, and I learned a lot! Continue Reading

What kind of geek am I?

What kind of geek am I? Zoe at E3

If you’re following me on Instagram (and of course you are, right?), you’ll know that I was at a photoshoot last week. I can’t wait to tell you a whole lot more about the event and share some of the pictures I get from the incredible photographers who were there. I also went to a girl geek brunch, which was a ton of fun and really nice as a way to meet some cool ladies who might someday form part of my Arizona social circle. But it made me ponder more about my geek cred, and what makes me a geek or what kind of geek am I?

I guess the reason for this is two-fold. The photoshoot was great and a wonderful reminder that I’m a creative being, and that this corner of the internet is unique. I remember looking for geeky mom blogs when I was knocked up and not really finding them, which is part of how I decided to start my own. One of the cool ladies at the event said she loved my niche, and that I should go even geekier… I think I knew what she was trying to say, too. But does that then make me fall into some kind of mom-geek-gatekeeping? Continue Reading

Everyone needs a robot vacuum – An Ecovacs Deebot review

An Ecovacs Deebot review

I’ve told you before about how I’ve changed the way I see time. Every moment that I have is valuable, even if I choose to use it to binge on Netflix series or relax outside with my husband drinking a glass of wine. Thanks to working per hour as a freelance writer, I am much more aware of how valuable my time is, and I appreciate time-saving hacks or tech. Which is why I wanted to share my Ecovacs Deebot review and why I think that everyone needs a robot vacuum.

In the interest of full disclosure, yes, I will be using affiliate links in this post in the hopes that you click on them and buy yourself a robot vacuum. I bought this one with my own money, and I’m not being paid by anyone to write this review, so it’s all totally honest. But I like this thing far too much, I think you will too, and I’d like to earn some extra cash if my words help you decide that this is the vacuum for you. Continue Reading

Baby led weaning follow up: What my two-year-old eats

What my two-year-old eats

As parents, I feel like we have so much to worry about. How to get a kid to sleep, or nurse, or eat, or learn, or talk, or potty trained. And there are so many techniques, so much advice out there. But in the moment, it’s hard to know which version will be best for your kid, which is why I thought I’d do this baby led weaning follow up and share what my two-year-old eats.

I’ve written on the topic a bunch, and if you want to go back and read my rant about people pushing me to give her solid foods before it was time, you can do that over here. I also wrote about a force-feeding¬†incident, why baby-led weaning is good for development, and even that awesome moment when Harley finally seemed to find her appetite. You are welcome to read those words, but don’t worry, we’ll start from the beginning and then get to the update part. Continue Reading