Kids’ shoes should be solid, functional… and adorable

Kids Shoes

I like having fun playing dress up with Harley, but I’m rarely willing to spend that much money on her clothing. Instead, I tend to buy a few gorgeous, more expensive items and then round out the rest with cheaper stuff. So, I might get a gorgeous dress or two, some fun tops or whatever else that’s boutique quality, but round it out with cheapo leggings, socks or whatever else. But I simply won’t compromise on kids’ shoes.

This is a sentiment that I actually blame on friends of ours. Back before Harley was even born, friends in Joburg had their second child, a little boy. The mom then went through her daughter’s closet, then aged 3 or 4, I believe, and gave me ALL her old shoes. This mom is awesome and lovely for many reasons, but I will love her forever for that massive bag of shoes. Continue Reading

How I finally weaned my toddler (with minimal crying)

I was so super proud to be able to breastfeed Harley throughout her infancy. It was incredible to know that my body sustained her’s and helped her to thrive. Despite being born so early, despite all the hurdles, she became a chubby baby and a healthy toddler. But then I was faced with the dreaded question – how do I wean my toddler?

Not that I think weaning is easy at any age. No matter what there will be tears as the little ones don’t get that thing they want so much. Boob is more than just milk. It’s cuddles and love and a way to relax or calm down. And as much as I loved breastfeeding for a long time, I was really REALLY done. Unfortunately, there just wasn’t much information out there on how to wean her off. Continue Reading

Tips for returning to the gym after a (long) break

returning to the gym deadlifts

I will confess, I was already a gym slacker before I got pregnant. I wasn’t going as often as I used to and was generally looking for a change. Then I spawned a person, and at my very first doctor’s appointment, I was told that I couldn’t lift heavy weights while pregnant. It was a disappointment, but also sorta a way of letting myself off the hook.

Fast forward 2.5 years, and I’d gained quite a bit of weight and hadn’t been in a gym for years. Sure, I did yoga for a while, and I was constantly carrying around a 10kg (22lbs) human, but I was out of shape. When we moved into our new, awesome home, we joined our local gym and I returned to weightlifting at last. I’m still in the early days, but I’ve learned some important things. Continue Reading

I don’t have any 2018 goals yet

Last year, I was pretty determined and clear about what I wanted from 2017. I made a list of three clear, ambitious goals, and somehow I managed to pull them off. The biggest and most transformational goal was moving from South Africa to the US, and in many ways, it feels like that move is still impacting my life and hopes for the year ahead.

But this year, I haven’t made a list of goals like I did in 2017. I’d say that I want to lose weight and get fit, but that’s a process that I actually started last month thanks to moving to a new place and joining a local gym where I’m able to lift heavy again. My other goals are based on the move – getting settled into our new home, making friends, etc. And for a while today, the lack of goals left me feeling like I don’t have focus, like I’m adrift. That isn’t the case though. Continue Reading

2017 – Looking back on the year that was

good mom

I know, these are totally cliche, right? Looking back on how the year went and all that can be a bit lame. But so much happened this year, and it’s nice to have one place where I can think about everything that happened, and also start to think through what I want to do in 2018. Looking back on the year that was can help me figure out what I want the year ahead to be like.

I did this last year and used a rather deep diving set of only 10 questions. It helped me to formulate my 2017 goals, which I somehow managed to achieve this year. So, I might as well use the same questions and see where it gets me. Continue Reading