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Ubuntu Baba review – falling in love with toddler wearing

Ubuntu Baba review

When Harley was a tiny little thing, I had a ring sling that was fantastic. I could pop Harley in and she would sleep while I had two hands free to do whatever else needed doing. I loved baby wearing at that stage, but the sling itself wasn’t exactly the best design – it put most of the strain on my one shoulder and if she moved around too much, she would basically squirm out of the thing. Once she crossed the five kgs mark, I simply couldn’t use it anymore. Things were still okay – her carseat would clip into the pram, so I could usually knock her out with a drive and then shop with a sleeping baby in the pram. But once she graduated to a bigger seat, the pram became a bit of a waste; she didn’t want to sit in her pram, she wanted me to carry her on my hip. I was getting really bad carpal tunnel and body aches as a result, which is why I decided to jump back into the world of baby wearing with the Ubuntu Baba, and I have never been so happy with a purchase.

The happiness is truly two-fold – the Ubuntu Baba itself is phenomenal. It is a high quality carrier with tons of features and details that make it super worthwhile. The other source of happiness is the joy of baby wearing past those early months. Anyone with a toddler (is that what she is now?)¬†knows just how much they like to be held, to be carried, even once they can crawl, walk or generally get around by themselves. They are bigger, heavier and more unwieldy, but they still want to be carried, which can put a huge strain on our bodies and lives. Ubuntu Baba has been a life saver in that regard. But let’s look at each aspect individually. Continue Reading


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