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Favorite Books January 2018

Favorite Books January 2018

There were some dark days when Harley was a newborn. I was rarely able to read books. Lately, I’ve been prioritizing reading time for myself, getting into bed every night at 10 so that I can give myself half an hour to an hour of reading. Sometimes I’m exhausted and fall asleep within 5 minutes, and sometimes I have to force myself to go to sleep before it gets too late. But I’m loving my extra reading time for myself, and I’m also making an added effort to read to Harley every single day. So here are both of our favorite books, January 2018 edition.

Just a bit of fair warning, Harley gets to pick which books we read, which means we often read the same ones, over and over again. And I only have a short time to read each month, so I might not have the most expansive list of titles to recommend to you each month. I’m also on an Afro-SF kick, so my Science Fiction genre is influenced by a very specific leaning. But still, here’s what we both enjoyed, and I’m just SO pleased my little one is turning into a bookworm already. Continue Reading


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