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Final Fantasy XV is character-driven story-telling at its finest

Final Fantasy XV

I have been playing Final Fantasy since the very first one on NES. Yes, I know that gives my age away, but I really don’t care. My mom laughs at me when I talk about Final Fantasy, with each numbered installment serving as a reminder of how much time has passed. I remember making the jump to PlayStation, when playing Final Fantasy required a memory card. Dean and I met while I was busy playing Final Fantasy XII, and we bought a PS3  when we realized that the new Final Fantasy would be coming and we might as well bite the bullet and get the new console. Each time, the game has pushed the limits for graphics, RPG elements and story-telling, but Final Fantasy XV took things to a whole new level.

I wrote a review of the game for my day job, and it’s filled with all the nitty gritty details that I suppose should go into a review. It also doesn’t have any spoilers because I hate to give anything away to people who haven’t played it. If you fall into that category of people, please feel free to go read that review instead and click away from this post now. If, however, you aren’t worried about spoilers, or you don’t intend to play the game at all, feel free to read on to understand all the reasons I’m so intrigued by this title and even got my first ever platinum trophy for it. Continue Reading


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